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About Mountain View Family Dental

Our mission is to provide the ultimate patient experience utilizing the most advanced technologies. We believe it is vital for our patients to be educated about their oral health before making important decisions and will work with each person and their family to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed before we move forward with your care. Our doctors are all experts in their field and complete hundreds of hours of continuing education hours to stay abreast of the latest advances in dental technologies and techniques.

Core Values

Excellent Customer Service - We go the extra mile to provide customers with a personal and professional experience while providing them cost effective solutions.

Take Care of Our Employees - We treat people well. Everyone is encouraged to speak up and take risks with good performance being recognized and rewarded. Our Dental Practices do their best to cost effectively implement programs that benefit the health and welfare of our employees. Our employees are encouraged to complete continuing education courses so that they may stay at the forefront of technology and patient care.

Build Lasting Relationships - Developing lasting relationships with co-workers, patients and vendors requires you to have active listening skills and to truly care about other people. Caring for patients and co-workers is exhibited by asking them questions and actively listening.

Community Involvement - We believe that being good dental care providers requires us to be good members of our respective communities. Our doctors and teams work to develop relationships with those they serve through community involvement and charity events. The Mountain View Family Dental team truly cares about the wellbeing and welfare of those around them.