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5 Tips For A Healthier Smile

Looking to keep your teeth shiny, healthy, and bright? Follow these 5 tips from Mountain View Family Dental.

1. See The Dentist Regularly (Before You’re In Pain)

You should be seeing the dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning and oral exam. Don’t wait until you’re in pain! By then, it’s too late to prevent oral health issues like cavities or infected teeth.

2. Clean Your Whole Mouth Thoroughly

Brush for at least two minutes, cleaning the tops, fronts, and backs of your teeth. You should floss once per day, too, to remove food that can’t be removed by brushing alone. Using mouthwash can also be a great way to help kill bacteria.

3. Stick To A Healthy Oral Care Routine

It’s best to brush twice a day, once in the morning and once at night after your final meal of the day. Get used to this brushing routine, and stick to it no matter what! The more diligent you are about oral hygiene, the lower your risk of stains, cavities, and gum disease will be.

4. Drink Water & Forget Sugary Drinks

Drink plenty of water, and avoid energy drinks, sports drinks, cola, and sweetened coffee and tea. Sugary beverages are truly horrible for your oral health, so avoid them as much as possible and use moderation.

5. Be Aware Of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can be caused by dehydration, “mouth breathing,” and certain medications. If you think your mouth may be dry, tell your dentist right away. Dry mouth raises your risk of cavities and gum disease.

Follow These Tips For A Healthier Smile!

As long as you follow these tips and come to Mountain View Family Dental for appointments every six months, you’re sure to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Schedule your next check-up online or contact us now at (303) 659-5185 to get started.