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7 Things You May Not Have Known About Your Teeth

Interested in learning some fun facts about your teeth? Check out this list of 7 surprising things you may not know about your teeth now, and learn more about your mouth!

1. Tooth Enamel Is Harder Than Copper
Enamel is the hardest substance in your body, and harder than copper! However, it’s not as tough as stainless steel, so avoid biting down on that fork!

2. Tooth Decay Is Caused By Acid Eating Away At Enamel
Sugar does not cause tooth decay directly. Bacteria eat away at sugar and starch, and they excrete acids after digestion. This acidic environment is what eats away at tooth enamel, causing cavities.

3. Fluoride Turbocharges Enamel “Remineralization”
Fluoride is not bad for you! In fact, it can encourage enamel “remineralization”. Fluoride helps rebuild teeth that have minor tooth decay caused by an acidic environment.

4. Saliva Helps “Wash” Bacteria Away From Your Teeth
Saliva is absolutely critical to the health of your mouth. Saliva helps clean away food particles, and maintain a non-acidic environment. This is why “dry mouth” can contribute to tooth decay.

5. Your Teeth Are Alive!
Enamel is inert, and is not “alive”. But the dentin and pulp below tooth enamel are alive, and full of nerves. This is why cavities only usually hurt after they penetrate our enamel.

6. Your Teeth Are Home To 300+ Types Of Bacteria
Most oral bacteria are totally harmless, and can even be beneficial. That’s a good thing, because your mouth contains hundreds of different types of bacteria.

7. Your Teeth Are Absolutely Unique
Even identical twins do not have identical teeth. Your teeth are like a fingerprint, and can be used to identify you. There are even cases where criminals have been identified by their bite marks!