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Taking Care of Your Teeth When You Have Braces

If you’ve got braces, congratulations! You’re on your way to a healthier bite and a straighter smile. 

But there are a few precautions you should take to ensure you care for your teeth and braces properly. Read on and learn everything you need to know about proper dental care when you have braces.

1. Know How to Brush Properly with Braces

Brushing with braces is a bit different than brushing teeth without braces. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • Remove any elastic bands or other removable parts of your braces. 
  • Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle. Begin cleaning your braces by brushing around the wires, brackets, pins and other elements. Start with the upper teeth, and work toward the lower teeth, moving on when all plaque and debris have been removed.
  • Next, brush your teeth. Brush each tooth individually in a circular motion, starting from the gum line. Repeat this process on both the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth, tilting the brush when necessary.

Take your time and make sure you’re thorough. Proper brushing is critical for keeping your teeth and braces healthy. 

2. Make Sure You Floss Once Per Day

Flossing is important when wearing braces, as it helps remove food and other debris that may get stuck between your teeth. You may want to purchase a floss threader or use disposable floss picks to help get under wires and between teeth.

3. Rinse with An Antibacterial Mouthwash 

Mouthwash can help remove food debris and bacteria in places that you may not be able to reach by brushing or flossing. Rinsing after each meal is a great way to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

4. Get a Gentle Toothbrush to Use After Your Braces Are Tightened

Your teeth will be sore after your braces are put on and/or tightened, which can make brushing uncomfortable. Consider buying a toothbrush with very soft bristles, like a child’s toothbrush, and using this brush for a few days after your braces have been adjusted. 

5. Don’t Forget About Six-Month Teeth Cleanings 

Make sure to see your general dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning, even if you’re getting regular oral exams from your orthodontist. This is the best way to catch issues like tooth decay or gum disease early! 

Oral hygiene is very important when you’re wearing braces, so make sure you follow these tips for proper dental care when you have braces. Follow these steps, and you’re sure to keep your teeth healthy throughout the process of receiving orthodontic treatment.