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Mountain View Family Dental now offers the ability to watch Live TV, Stream Movies, Music, etc. directly to patient headphones, giving the patient full control of the content throughout their dental experience. We hope this can maximize the patient experience and contribute to a soothing dental visit.


Mountain View Family Dental is proud to offer you same-day cerec.jpgservice on crowns in our office. The CEREC machine allows us unprecedented precision and efficiency in the creation of tooth restorations in a matter of minutes. Crowns can be prepared and delivered to you in a single visit, eliminating the need for temporary crowns and weeks of waiting for a lab result. It is truly an honor to have this device in our office.


As the first comprehensive 3D digital diagnostic and treatment solution, GALILEOS combines X-ray imaging, visualization, diagnosis, planning and surgical guide implementation into an integrated and time-saving process. Mountain View Family Dental is proud to offer advanced implant treatment planning ability to our patients, while improving our ability to diagnose.



Digital X-rays reduce radiation by over 80%. In fact, you are likelydigital-xray.jpg to get more radiation spending time outside than you would by receiving a dental X-ray. Digital radiography has become the standard in dental technologies. Digital X-rays are immediate, instantly appearing on our computer monitors, cutting out the time required to develop or even redevelop a film. These films allow your dentist to see a number of different and clearer views of your tooth allowing us to provide a better diagnosis in each case. In addition to your standard digital X-ray, our office also utilizes a digital panoramic x-ray unit to capture images of your entire jaw and sinus structure.


These new sensors provide an unprecedented level of resolutionSchick.jpg and control over digital images. This allows your dentist to identify decay earlier and more accurately. These sensors have the highest resolution on the market, changing the way we are able to see your teeth.


This cutting edge camera utilizes unique fluorescence technology to illuminate tooth structure to reveal decay. Your dentist is able toSoprocare-Camera.jpg capture images of these areas of decay, showing the patient which portions of the tooth contain bacteria. Additionally, the camera can illuminate plaque and calculus for patient education, to ensure they are receiving the best instruction in home care. Finally, the Soprocare is the first product to reveal gingival inflammation, another valuable tool in education.


The use of intraoral cameras is an invaluable tool at Mountain View Family Dental. Mountain View Family Dental believes that it is important to show you exactly what is wrong with your tooth, camera.jpgthe reasoning behind how this issue arose, and what options you have to repair it. With an intraoral camera, we are able to capture an image of your tooth/teeth and show you directly on a monitor the potential problems a patient may be facing. It also allows your dentist to provide sufficient education to the patient, and present all possible treatment options. As we sometimes say, a picture says it all! Furthermore, we use these images to provide information to insurance companies for claims and to specialists, when necessary.


DIAGNOdent technology uses a simple laser diode to inspect your teeth and allows us to catch more areas of decay sooner diagnodent.jpgand with more precision, without discomfort. Not only can it help prevent the spread of decay, but catching decay early means fillings required are simpler and shallower, preserving more of the tooth. This allows us to use minimally invasive filling procedures, such as drill-free air abrasion and Waterlase™ technology.

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