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Patient Testimonials

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Patient Testimonials

We're proud of the smiles we've been a part of transforming, and our patients appreciate the amazing results they've seen. It's important to our team to continually improve and grow as clinicians, and your patient feedback is vital to our evolving. We value your opinion; please share it with us by leaving a review!

Very friendly, family atmosphere had quite extensive work done and am extremely happy with the job that Dr. Collins and his team did.


Erin V. — Sept 23, 2015

I had the BEST experience at my dental visit! I went in for my regular cleaning, and Dr. Schmidt found a crack on my molar. He took a picture of it, so he could show it to me. It was obvious that I needed to take care of it before it started to give me problems. Since the crack was likely caused from a filling, we had to put a crown on it. He told me it would only take 40 minutes and he could do it now. THE TECHNOLOGY IS SO COOL! They had this slim camera that projected the image into a machine that basically 3D printed a new porcelain crown for me that fit my tooth exactly! Doc filed down my cracked tooth, and the hygienist cemented the crown in place. Less than 40 minutes later, I was outta there with a new porcelain tooth. Crazy. How am I so lucky to live in America? #firstworldmedicine #americandentistry


Velvet C. — Sept 16, 2015

Quick fix, already waiting for me when I got there. Highly recommended!!


Frank A. — Aug 28, 2015

The hygienist was so kind and pleasant. Best visit sense I have started with this dentist. Thank you


Judy H. — Aug 17, 2015

What a great experience! Will definitely recommend to friends and family.


Lynne C. — July 24, 2015

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