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4 Myths About Fluoride: Is There Any Truth to Them?

Myths and misconceptions about fluoride are everywhere. And with a lot of half-truths all over the place, it can be hard to know what to believe. But worry not! We got you covered. In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the most stubborn myths about fluoride and what makes them simply untrue.  

Myth #1: Fluoride Causes Cavities in Young Kids 

This is probably the most common fallacy you’ll hear about fluoride. It’s not true in any way. The reason this myth is so popular lies in the vague understanding of dental cavities in children.  

The truth is the amount of fluoride found in toothpaste and water is generally safe and actually helps strengthen and protect the tooth enamel.  

Myth# 2: Fluoride Exposes Kids to Autism 

This is far from the truth. Numerous studies have been conducted on this topic, and no evidence has been found showing fluoride can cause autism. 

Myth# 3: Fluoride Increases Risk of Cancer 

If this myth is going around in your favorite social media group, do not fall for it. Despite all the extensive studies conducted, no study has found any connection between cancer and fluoridated water.  

Myth# 4: If You Drink Fluoridated Water, You Are Welcoming Teeth Fluorosis 

This is another lie you’ll hear about fluoride. In truth, you can only get dental fluorosis if you consume fluoride in extremely high amounts. 

The amount of fluoride added to public water is greatly regulated to keep it at 0.7 ppm. This is the optimal level needed to avert tooth cavities. 

As you can see, not everything you hear about fluoride is true. So before you believe any information about fluoride, consult with certified experts first.  

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