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    Certified by The American Academy of Facial Esthetics

    BOTOX® is a muscle relaxant agency used to reduce and eliminate facial lines and wrinkles.


    What areas can BOTOX® be injected?

    1. Forehead Lines
    2. Glabella/Frown Lines
    3. Crow’s Feet (Lateral Orbital Lines)
    4. Bunny Lines (Transverse nasal)
    5. Peri-oral Lines (Smoker’s Lines)
    6. Marionette Lines
    7. Mentalis Dysfunction (Chin “Dents”)
    8. Vertical Platysma Bands
    9. Brow Lift

    How long does it last?


    The effects last approximately three months thereafter from a single treatment of BOTOX®, resulting in the smoothing of your skin and the improvement of fine lines and superficial wrinkles in the area of your treatment. When the effects start wearing off, you will notice a very gradual fading of its effects. At this point you will return for your next treatment. BOTOX® has proven itself again and again in eliminating superficial lines and wrinkles. Patients report that during a course of treatment their lines seem to disappear and the skin regains its former smoothness. I tend to agree, I had slight horizontal forehead wrinkles and a vertical frown line forming but it’s gone now.


    The above was sourced from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.


    Note: Individual results may vary.

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