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Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Care

Leaders in Children's Dentistry

We Care about Your Child’s Dental Health

Our team of doctors are leaders in childrens dentistry and are committed to helping younger patients maintain healthy teeth and gums for years to come. We understand the unique oral health care needs of growing children and encourage parents to bring their child in for their first visit at 12 months of age. Whether you want to set up your child’s first appointment with our pediatric dentist or are looking for a new dental home, we welcome your family to our practice.

Our Pediatric Dentistry Services

We serve younger patients with several specialized services and treatments designed to prevent cavities and maintain healthy gums. We offer:

  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • Patient education
  • Toothache treatments
  • Preventive care

What to Expect with Our Pediatric Dentist

Our team works with patients of all ages and maintains a calm, friendly manner to ensure all our patients feel right at home. We do everything we can to make your child’s dental visits as comfortable as possible. If it’s your first visit, our staff will take extra steps to ensure your child isn’t fearful or anxious about sitting in the dentist’s chair. Our pediatric dentist will create a custom treatment plan for your child that may include a series of dental checkups, fluoride treatments, and dental sealant application.

Helping Your Child Maintain a Healthy Smile

We encourage all parents to take a proactive approach with their own oral health to set a good example for their children. Making sure your child comes in to see our pediatric dentist regularly is a great start. Helping children maintain a consistent brushing and flossing regimen can help to ward off many oral health problems at a young age.

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