• Solea® Dental Laser

    Solea® is the number one all-tissue laser in dentistry.

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    The Newest Technology in Dentistry

    Prepare for an anxiety-free, pain-free dental experience, brought to you by our newest technology. Mountain View Dental is one of the first practices in the country to harness the power of the Solea® Dental Laser.


    This new machine allows for most fillings, hard tissue, and soft tissue surgeries to be done without anesthesia, blood, and sutures. This makes for a wonderful patient experience and minimizes fear and pain.


    Without the need for anesthesia, it saves time for us and you! Shorter procedures mean less time spent in office and more time for you to enjoy your day. Say goodbye to the days of injections and waiting around to get numb. With Solea, we can get started with your procedure right away and have you on your way.


    We know you want noise-free, needle-free, drill-free, blood-free, suture-free experiences. Bringing in this technology will help your visits be more comfortable for you without the anxiety.


    We are so excited to offer our patients the Solea® Dental Laser for a new dentist experience. Without the vibrations, noise, and pain, you are a happier patient, and we love to see you smile.

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    What is Solea®?

    Solea® is the world's first computer-aided CO2 laser system, cleared by the FDA for most soft and hard tissue procedures. The laser virtually dissolves the tissue, eliminating the need for drills. This makes for increased precision and ease for the best dentist experience possible.

  • Solea®: This Is Huge

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