• Ward Off Oral Health Problems with Preventive Dentistry

    Oral Cancer Treatment and Preventative Care

    Maintain Optimal Oral Health With Preventative Care

    We strive to help patients maintain optimal oral health with preventive dentistry procedures and services. If you are seeking a dentist for oral cancer treatment or want to improve the health of your smile, make an appointment with one of our Mountain View Family Dentists for an oral pathology exam, professional teeth cleaning, and routine check-up. We encourage all patients to be proactive with their oral health and make the time for routine checkups and cleanings.

  • Preventative Dentistry

    Preventative dentistry encompasses all procedures and treatments that can help us diagnose and treat oral health problems in the early stages. We take the time to educate patients about proper brushing and flossing techniques and may recommend sealants or fluoride treatments for younger patients.

  • Oral Pathology Exam

    We recommend having an annual oral pathology exam to determine whether oral cancer treatment is necessary. This exam involves a thorough checkup of the oral tissues, including the gums, tongue, cheeks, ​floor of the mouth, and soft tissues around the throat.

    Dental Cleanings

    All patients need to come in for a professional dental cleaning at least once every six months. If you are at risk for gum disease or have been diagnosed with the condition, you may need to come in for more frequent cleanings to maintain your oral health. Professional cleanings help you maintain a bright and healthy smile.

    Routine Check-ups

    Periodic check-ups typically occur on a six month basis, when you visit us for your dental cleaning. However, you can come in for a checkup any time you have concerns about your oral health, are experiencing pain, or need a professional opinion. Routine check-ups are an essential part of any preventive dentistry plan.


    For more information on preventive dentistry procedures, including oral cancer treatment options, schedule your appointment at Mountain View Family Dental today

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